Abakada Ina Full Movie (2001)

Abakada Ina Movie stars Lorna Tolentino as Estella, an illiterate woman who found difficulties in being a mother to her children. Produced by Viva Films and directed by Eddie Garcia, this family drama film won 9 major awards out of 18 nominations.

This includes Best Actress awards for Lorna Tolentino in FAP and FAMAS, and Best Picture and Best Director for Eddie Garcia in the 2002 FAP Awards.

Abakada Ina Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Lorna Tolentino plays Estela and Albert Martinez as Daniel. They have three daughters – Gina (Matet De Leon), Beth (Aiza Marquez), and Joan (Hannah Camille Bustillos).

Daniel works in a Shipping Industry far away from his family. Estela and their children are living with his mother Matilda (Nida Blanca), who incidentally is an elementary school teacher.

Because of poverty and Estella’s mother’s decision, she stopped going to school when she was young. Estella cannot read and write, not even her own name.

Her being uneducated resulted in problems teaching her own children and arguments with the mother-in-law. When Daniel came home, they decide to move to Manila. But aside from financial problems, Estella faces more challenges for being illiterate, but she did not give up.

Below is the list of awards won by Abakada Ina Movie:

2002 FAMAS Awards

* Best Actress (Lorna Tolentino)
* Best Story (Ramon Bayron and Shaira Mella Salvador)

2002 FAP Awards

* Best Picture
* Best Director (Eddie Garcia)
* Best Actress (Lorna Tolentino)
* Best Screenplay (Shaira Mella Salvador)
* Best Cinematography (Romulo Araojo)
* Best Editing (Ike Jarlego Jr)
* Best Sound (Noel Cruz Bruan)

Abakada Ina Movie Cast

Lorna Tolentino, Albert Martinez, Nida Blanca, Alicia Alonzo, Bobby Andrews, Joanne Quintas, Matet De Leon, Aiza Marquez, Hannah Camille Bustillos, Jaime Fabregas, Pocholo Montes, Polly Cadsawan, Mina Bernales, April Castro, Josie Tagle, Archie Ventosa, Joanne Tan, Bryan Homecillo, King Alcala, Ardi Aquino, John Paul Canero, Allan Garcia, Boy Tambien, Chiqui del Carmen, Daisy Mendoza, and many more.

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