A Love Story Full Movie (2007)

A Love Story Movie stars Maricel Soriano, Aga Muhlach, and Angelica Panganiban in a very extraordinary love triangle drama. Produced by Star Cinema, this Maryo J de Los Reyes film won 11 major awards including FAP Best Supporting Actress for Angelica Panganiban, Film Actor of the Year award for Aga Muhlach, and Film Actress of the Year award for Maricel Soriano at the GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards.

A Love Story Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with Joanna Villanueva (Maricel Soriano) arriving at a restaurant and shortly, Karyn Torres (Angelica Panganiban) also arrives and told Joanna that Ian Montes (Aga Muhlach) does not know that they meet. This scene alone is powerful enough to make the audience find it difficult to guess who the wife is and who is the mistress. The two women then talked about their separate lives with Ian.

Based on flashback scenes, Ian owns a successful real estate company. However, he is lonely as he lacks recognition and he is longing for someone who will love him unconditionally. He met Joanna when she rescued Ian from a water-skiing accident. Joana is an ob-gyne and is separated from her husband. On the other hand, Ian met 24-year old flight attendant Karyn during his business trip in Macau.

Below is the complete list of awards won by A Love Story Movie:

GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards

* Film Actor of the Year (Aga Muhlach)
* Film Actress of the Year (Maricel Soriano)

2008 FAP Awards (Luna Awards)

* Best Picture
* Best Director (Marjo J Delos Reyes)
* Best Supporting Actress (Angelica Panganiban)
* Best Supporting Actor (Dante Rivero)
* Best Screenplay (Vanessa R. Valdez)

2008 FAMAS Awards

* Best Director (Marjo J Delos Reyes)
* Best Editing (Tara Illenberger)
* Best Musical Score (Jesse Lucas)

2008 PMPC Star Awards for Movies

* Movie Original Screenplay of the Year (Vanessa Valdez)

A Love Story Movie Cast

Maricel Soriano, Aga Muhlach, Angelica Panganiban, Dante Rivero, Chin Chin Gutierrez, Bobby Andrews, TJ Trinidad, Baron Geisler, John Arcilla, Gerald Madrid, Marc Acueza, Bart Guingona, RS Francisco, Anita Linda, Eva Darren, Gilleth Sandico, Jaymee Joaquin, Charee Pineda, Dianne Medina, Mark Gil, Carla Humphries, Bonita Donato, Liza Diño, Rose-Cel Aguilar, Julijo Pisk, Niña de Sagun, Gemmae Custodio, Sophia Baars, Darius Cardano, Janna Dangcalan, Lilyanne Nichols, Robert Oliviera, Sheila Marie Rodriguez, Lexter Lazaro, Zaira Dela Pena, Orlando Sol and many more.

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