A Faraway Land Full Movie (2021)

A Faraway Land is a 2021 Philippine drama film directed by Veronica Velasco starring Paolo Contis and Yen Santos. It was produced by Mavx Productions Inc. and distributed by Netflix.

A Faraway Land Movie Plot

Filipino reporter Nico Mendoza heads to the Faroe Islands for a documentary about Overseas Filipino Workers in the Danish territory. He meets Filipino expatriate Mahjoy who is married to Sigmund Garðalið a local with whom she has a daughter. Nico develops a “complicated relationship” with Mahjoy in Sigmund’s absence.

A Faraway Land Movie Cast

Paolo Contis, Yen Santos, Hans Tórgarð, Zweden Obias, Rianne Castro, Arianne Mavis Uera, Ruby Ruiz, Maricor Canlas, Raul Alfeche Guðjónsson, Kathleen Navarro, J.R. Tolentino, Kristian Martin Jacobsen, Laura Joensen, Ólavur Andreasen, Durita Krosstind Gregersen

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