Tulak ng Bibig Kabig ng Dibdib Full Movie (1998)

Tulak ng Bibig Kabig ng Dibdib Movie is an action romantic comedy film of Robin Padilla and Maricel Soriano.

Produced by Viva Films and FLT Films International and directed by Joey del Rosario, this is the first movie of Robin after then-President Fidel V. Ramos granted him conditional pardon over his illegal possession of high-powered firearms case and served 2 years inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

Tulak ng Bibig Kabig ng Dibdib Movie Plot

In this movie, Robin Padilla plays Rolando Perez alias Lando, a security guard for a warehouse. But when he and his friend killed the armed men who tried to rob the place, both of them were transferred to secure a cemetery. But while eating at a small canteen, a group of men bullied them and he killed one of them while defending himself, and he was sent to jail.

On the other hand, Maricel Soriano plays Mariel, a rich businesswoman whose husband was assassinated and her son is suffering from trauma because of the incident. Meanwhile, Lando was released from jail and met her on the road when the latter had a flat tire.

But after helping her, Mariel ran away with her car and did not even thank him. Later, a friend and fellow ex-convict helped him land a job as a family driver and bodyguard. At first, he refused the job offer after he learned that the woman he will work for is none other than Mariel.

Tulak ng Bibig Kabig ng Dibdib Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Maricel Soriano, Ricardo Cepeda, Joseph Renzo Cruz, Ricky Belmonte, Emilio Garcia, ER Ejercito, Dick Israel, Caridad Sanchez, Berting Labra, Bomber Moran, Piel Morena, Anne Curtis, Chubi del Rosario, Mark Ryan Homicillo, and many more.

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