Tililing Full Movie (2021)

Tililing is a Filipino comedy-parody film written and directed by Darryl Yap for Viva Films. The film attracted controversy due to its portrayal of mental illness. Tililing gained flak from viewers even before its release.

Over the weekend, Twitter users called the title and poster “disturbing,” “uncomfortable,” and “inappropriate.” For years, the term “may tililing” has been inappropriately used in the PH to refer to someone who is mentally ill.

Tililing Movie Plot

Three intern nurses get locked down in an asylum where they meet three special patients. Together, they attempt to escape before the other patients kill them.

Tililing takes the viewers inside an 18th century-like mental asylum through the eyes of three nurse interns: Maricel (Candy Pangilinan), Jessa (Yumi Lacsamana), and Espie (Donnalyn Bartolome). The mental institution brings to mind the Caracas Psychiatric Hospital in Venezuela, which came under fire in 2019

Tililing Movie Cast

Gina PareƱo, Baron Geisler, Chad Kinis, Donnalyn Bartolome, Candy Pangilinan, Cai Cortez

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