This Guy’s In Love With U Mare Full Movie (2012)

This Guy’s In Love With U Mare stars Luis Manzano, Vice Ganda, and Toni Gonzaga in a very unlikely love triangle. Produced by Star Cinema and VIVA Films, this Wenn V. Deramas blockbuster comedy film was once the tenth highest-grossing Filipino film of all time and earned a total ticket sales of more than P315 million.

This Guy’s In Love With U Mare Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Vice Ganda plays Lester, a gay who had a romantic relationship with Mike (Luis Manzano) for three years. Lester then discovered that Mike already has a girlfriend bank accountant Gemma (Toni Gonzaga), a year before they broke up. But instead of moving on, Lester pretended to be a man and saved Gemma from four robbers, who were actually his employees and friends.

Mike proposed marriage to Gemma and she said, “Yes.” However, he is under a financial crisis. This triggered Lester a plan on how he can destroy their relationship with the aim of winning Mike back. Mike started courting Gemma without Mike’s knowledge. Later, Mike learned that Lester was Gemma’s suitor. But when Gemma learned about the past between Mike and Lester, she broke up with Mike. Now, who will end up with whom?

This Guy’s In Love With U Mare Movie Cast

Vice Ganda, Toni Gonzaga, Luis Manzano, Tessie Tomas, Edgar Mortiz, Buboy Garovillo, DJ Durano, Carla Martinez, Gladys Reyes, Karla Estrada, Sam Milby, Eagle Riggs, Ricky Rivero, IC Mendoza, Ricci Chan, Lassy Lassy, Cecil Paz, Manuel Chua, Tess Antonio, Carlo Lacana, Karen Dematera, Ronnie Golpeo, Juliet Sunot … Aegis band, April Boy Regino, Jayson Gainza, Dang Cruz and many more.

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