The Super Parental Guardians Full Movie (2016)

The Super Parental Guardians Movie stars Vice Ganda and Coco Martin. Produced by Star Cinema and directed by Joyce Bernal, this action-comedy super blockbuster film became the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time in Philippine cinema history in January 2017 when it reached ₱590.1 million gross in the box-office. Nevertheless, it was later beaten by another Vice Ganda movie, Gandarrapiddo The Revenger Squad Movie.

The Super Parental Guardians Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Vice Ganda plays Ariel Ciriaco ‘Arci’ Taulava, an assistant to a general’s wife, while Coco Martin as Neil ‘Paco’ Nabati, a stuntman, and a gang member. One night, Paco’s sister Sarah Nabati (Matet de Leon) was mysteriously murdered, and her two young sons Melvin ‘Megan’ Gaspar (Awra Briguela and Ernie Gaspar Onyok Pineda) were given to Arci. Therefore, Arci and Paco have no choice but to live together.

At first, Arci and Paco find it hard to get along with each other because of their opposite personalities. As foster parents to Megan and Ernie, they also encountered some misadventures and some petty fights. In addition, a syndicate led by Maria Felicidad “Marife” Delos Santos (Assunta de Rossi) also wants them dead. And yes, the movie has the usual insensitive, insult jokes from Vice Ganda that his fans expect from him.

The Super Parental Guardians Movie Cast

Vice Ganda, Coco Martin, Onyok Pineda, Awra Briguela, Assunta de Rossi, Pepe Herrera, Joem Bascon, Matet De Leon, Kiray Celis, Lassy Marque, ) MC Calaquian, Negi Molina, Lao Rodriguez, Kiko Matos, Jack Love Falcis, Derick Hubalde and many more.

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