The Panti Sisters Full Movie (2019)

The Panti Sisters (2019) is a Filipino comedy film starring Paolo Ballesteros, Martin del Rosario, and Christian Bables. Produced by Black Sheep Productions and ALV Films and The IdeaFirst Company and Quantum Films.

Directed by Jun Lana. A bonafide blockbuster film and is one of the entries for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. This film bagged the Audience Choice award and Best Actor for Martin del Rosario.

The Panti Sisters Movie Plot

Don Emilio wants nothing to do with his 3 sons upon learning that they are gay. Knowing that he may die anytime because of his cancer, he posted a challenge to his sons to give him a grandchild. A successful attempt will earn them 100 million each. If only one can do it, he gets the entire 300 million inheritance.

Money often makes a person devise crazy ideas. Paolo Ballesteros as Gabriel, Martin del Rosario as Daniel, and Christian Bables as Samuel embarked on an outrageous journey to impregnate a woman and receive this so-called inheritance.

The siblings had an absurd and humorous experience but also had sad flashbacks of their father’s cold attitude towards them. Later on, one of his sons was shot and died. Filled with regret, he asked for their forgiveness and to be called “papa” by his remaining sons.

The Panti Sisters Movie Cast

Paolo Ballesteros, Martin del Rosario, Christian Bables, John Arcilla, Carmi Martin, Rosanna Roces, Joross Gamboa, Via Antonio, Ali Forbes, Cedrick Juan, Mark McMahon, Andy Raj.

The Panti Sisters Full Trailer and Supercut

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