The Gifted Full Movie (2014)

The Gifted Movie stars Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, and Sam Milby. Produced by Viva Films and MVP Entertainment and directed by Chris Martinez, this dark comedy film earned several major awards nominations including Movie of the Year, Movie Director of the Year, and Movie Actress of the Year for Anne Curtis at the 2015 Star Awards for Movies.

The Gifted Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with young novelist Marco Yuzon (Sam Milby) attending a book signing event for his new book, The Gifted, and began reading its few chapters to his audience. According to him, there are two characters in his story – Zoe Tuazon, a rich overweight young girl, and Aica Tabayoyong, an unattractive and average-living young girl. Nevertheless, both of them are smart and very intelligent.

At the start of Marco’s story, young Zoe Tuazon (Abby Bautista) and young Aica Tabayoyong (Aliya Fatima de la Riva) took the entrance exam at the same school at the same time, and they both passed with flying colors. Zoe’s parents are Ricky Rivero and Arlene Muhlach, while Aica’s parents are Dominic Ochoa and Candy Pangilinan. At first, Zoe and Aica were competing against each other but later became close friends.

When they were in high school, Zoe (Anne Curtis) and Aica (Cristine Reyes) became closer but are still competing against each other for being the class valedictorian. Later, they met Mark Ferrer (Sam Milby), their new and handsome classmate but not intelligent. Aica immediately falls in love with him, and Zoe took this as a chance to beat her in academics. And now, the real trouble begins.

The Gifted Movie Cast

Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes, Sam Milby, Arlene Muhlach, Ricky Rivero, Candy Pangilinan, Dominic Ochoa, Abby Bautista, Aliya Fatima De La Riva, Kevin Remo, Raquel Villavicencio, Roden Araneta, Isay Alvarez, Ana Abad Santos, Jelson Bay, Rubi Rubi, Kalila Aguilos, Skyzx Labastilla, Rolly Inocencio, Sid Maderazo, Shaira Luna, Liz Uy, Yam Concepcion and many more.

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