Si Chedeng at si Apple Movie (2017)

Si Chedeng at si Apple is a 2017 Philippine comedy film written by Fatrick Tabada and directed by Rae Red and Fatrick Tabada.

The film stars Elizabeth Oropesa, Gloria Diaz, and Mae Paner, and was distributed and produced by Cinema One Originals.

Si Chedeng at si Apple Movie Plot

In the wake of her husband’s death, Chedeng, 66, decides to come out of the closet. Her best friend Apple, 63, beheads her live-in partner in a fit of rage.

Bound by friendship, the two elderly women, together with the severed head placed inside a Louis Vuitton bag, set off an adventure to find Chedeng’s ex-girlfriend.

Si Chedeng at si Apple Movie Cast

Elizabeth Oropesa, Gloria Diaz, Mae Paner

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