Shoot Shoot! Full Movie (2021)

Shoot Shoot! is a 2021 Philippine comedy film produced and directed by Al Taytay for Viva Films. It stars Andrew E., AJ Raval, and Sunshine Guimary.

Andrew E.’s original song which has turned into a hit TikTok trend is now a VIVAMAX original movie! SHOOT! SHOOT!: DI KO SIYA TITIGILAN! is the latest movie collaboration of comedy director Al Tantay and the ultimate pakboy, Andrew E., together with VIVAMAX Goddesses AJ Raval and Sunshine Guimary.

Shoot Shoot! Movie Plot

SHOOT! SHOOT! is about Jack (Andrew E.), a small-town guy whose ultimate dream is to become an actor. After countless auditions, Jack finally gets chosen to play the role of an heir to his wealthy relative. While rehearsing his lines, his neighbor hears him talking about inheriting 100 billion dollars. Jack’s misadventures start when word spreads around town that he’s now a billionaire. He suddenly gets lucky with girls who just want his “money”, but he also gets in trouble with the wrong people.

Shoot Shoot! Movie Cast

Andrew E, AJ Raval, Sunshine Guimary, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Wilbert Ross

Watch Shoot Shoot! Full Movie

Full version available at Vivamax

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