Sanggano at Sanggago Full Movie (2001)

Sanggano at Sanggao is a comedy-action film directed by Al Tantay. The collaboration of veteran actors Bayani Agbayani and Eddie Garcia was proven to be successful as the film was not only a commercial success but also received critical acclaim.

Sanggano at Sanggago is also one of the films where Jackie Forster, the former wife of PBA player Benjie Paras, played a major role.

Sanggano at Sanggago Summary

Eddie Garcia played the role of an ex-convict who was just released in prison. When he goes home, he found out that the house of his former partner was sold to Agbayani. At first, the two became instant enemies but later because of great partners.

Sanggano at Sanggago Cast

Eddie Garcia, Bayani Agbayani, Michelle Bayle, Jaime Fabregas, Dick Israel, Aiza Marquez, Symon Soler, Berting Labra, Bernardo Bernardo, Caloy Alde, Cris Daluz, John Lesaca, Goms Burza

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