Petrang Kabayo Full Movie (2010)

Petrang Kabayo Movie stars Vice Ganda in his very first starring role. Produced by VIVA Films, this Wenn V. Deramas fantasy comedy film earned a Movie Child Performer of the Year nomination for Abby Bautista at the Star Awards for Movies and is a remake of the 1988 movie Petrang Kabayo at ang Pilyang Kuting, starring Roderick Paulate and then-child superstar Aiza Seguerra.

Petrang Kabayo Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Vice Ganda plays Peter, a gay man who turns into a horse every time he gets mean. As a young boy, he (Makisig Morales) was neglected by his abusive father Poldo (John Arcilla) and dislikes him for being a homosexual. Peter ran away from home until adopted by a kind and wealthy haciendera Donya Biday (Eugene Domingo), who has several housemaids, horses, and farm men.

But as Peter grows up, he became cruel to people and even to horses. He shouts at the housemaids, and even cooked a horse into a ‘tapang kabayo.’ One day, he saw his father who now has a young daughter Pauline (Abby Bautista). He adopted her but did not treat her as a sister and maltreated her. Later, the goddess of the horses Diobayo (Eagle Riggs) placed Peter in a curse and turns him into a white horse (Petra) every time he is being bad.

Petrang Kabayo Movie Cast

Vice Ganda, Luis Manzano, Gloria Romero, Candy Pangilinan, John Arcilla, DJ Durano, Ricky Rivero, Sam Pinto, Tom Rodriguez, Abby Bautista, Joy Viado, Eagle Riggs, Makisig Morales, Gladys Reyes, Dennis Padilla, Ronnie ‘Atak’ Arana, Chalen Abobo, Queenzy Sembrano, Jason Francisco, with special participation of Eugene Domingo, John Lapus, Anne Curtis, and Nadine Lustre.

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