Pakners Full Movie (2003)

Pakners is a 2003 comedy with a slice of an action movie starring Fernando Poe Jr. and real-life pool legend Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes. The movie was directed by Tony Y. Reyes produced by FPJ Productions. This was the last movie made by Fernando Poe Jr. He died a year after on December 14, 2004, because of a stroke.

Pakners Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Manuel Dimayuga (Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes) lived in the province with his sister Angela (Toni Gonzaga) and his auntie Tiya Laleng (Remy Javier). He was conned out of his savings when Richard De Guzman (Rico J. Puno) promised him of going to Taiwan.

He met a Jeepney driver named Nanding Escalante (Fernando Poe Jr.) who saved him from the predators of Manila. He let him stay in the meantime in his house with Nanding’s auntie Simang (Tiya Pusit) and Peejay (Oyo Boy Sotto). Nanding used to be a National Billiard player but stopped when his wife died while he was competing. While parking, he met Vivian Suarez (January Isaac Bodlovic), a policewoman who caught him parking on a NO PARKING zone.

They learned that Manuel is naturally good at billiards. He saved Peejay for paying a bet from Elias (Dick Israel) and met Celing (Candy Pangilinan).

Meanwhile, his sister Angela visited him in Manila together with her Tiya Laleng. Vivian and Nanding’s relationship went romantic as well as with Manual and Celing. While celebrating Peejay’s graduation, they met Nanding’s former enemy Victor (Johnny Delgado).

He challenged Manuel to a duel but he didn’t show up because Manuel and Celing were robbed. Nanding played on behalf of Manuel and won. Finally, they entered the National Championships, where it’s a do-or-die faceoff with some of the country’s best players.

Pakners Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr., Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, January Isaac Bodlovic, Candy Pangilinan,Tiya Pusit, Oyo Boy Sotto, Toni Gonzaga, Johnny Delgado, Pocholo Montes, Dick Israel, Romy Diaz, Rico J. Puno, Gerald Ejercito, Remy Javier, J.R. Reyes and many more.

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