Nagkataon Nagkatagpo Full Movie (1994)

Nagkataon Nagkatagpo movie is the first and only team-up film of Rudy Fernandez and Maricel Soriano. Produced by MegaVision and directed by Augusto Salvador, this Rudy-Maricel movie features Daboy as a former cop and Maricel as a poor, boyish girl and always gets herself into trouble.

At the start of the movie, Gomer (Rudy Fernandez) was suspended from being a cop after he refused to marry the daughter of his superior.

Nevertheless, a rich elderly hired him to find her granddaughter Ana Jesus Briones, who has been missing for 17 years. Upon arriving in Manila, he met his cousin who happens to be a friend of Jessie (Maricel Soriano).

And along the process, Gomer fought with the goons in the area and he started to become friends with Jessie. One day, he showed the photo of Ana to Jessie’s father and asked him if he knows her, and he denied it. It turns out that Jessie is also the Ana that Gomer has been looking for her. But then, a group of men wanted her dead.

Nagkataon Nagkatagpo Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Maricel Soriano, Eddie Rodriguez, Bembol Roco, Efren Reyes Jr, Michael De Mesa, Dick Israel, Rachel Lobangco, Ali Sotto, Anita Linda, Conrad Poe, Zandro Zamora, Carlos Padilla Jr, Roldan Aquino, Renato Del Prado, Boy Roque, Dindo Arroyo, Joey Padilla, Polly Cadsawan, Ernie Forte, and many more.

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