My Bugoy Goes to Congress Full Movie

My Bugoy Goes to Congress is a comedy film starting Comedy King Dolphy and Superstar Nora Aunor.

Produced by RVQ Productions and Shining Star Productions and directed by Jett C. Espiritu, this blockbuster Dolphy-Nora movie is one of the few funny political satire films in the Philippines.

My Bugoy Goes to Congress Movie Plot

The starts with reporter Cathy (Nora Aunor) covering a protest rally in Mendiola demanding the government to increase the salary of the laborers. Shortly, anti-riot police arrived and the protesters started to disperse.

While running away, some of the banners were left on the street. Meanwhile, province man Bugoy (Dolphy) has just arrived in Manila to find a job.

Police then Bugoy mistakenly identified him as the leader of the protesters and he was arrested but was released after proved that he was innocent. Bugoy was then hired at Cathy’s office as a waiter. But after a series of unintentional sloppy performances, he went back to his province. Later, Cathy was assigned at Bugoy’s province to cover its upcoming election and Bugoy eventually ran for Congress and won.

My Bugoy Goes to Congress Movie Cast

Dolphy, Nora Aunor, Panchito, Rachel Ann Wolfe, Babalu, Paquito Diaz, Eric Quizon, Dencio Padilla, Don Pepot, Tiya Pusit, Zeny Zabala, Subas Herrero, Caselyn Francisco, Georgie Quizon, Teroy de Guzman, Max Vera, Fred Esplana, Jay Grama, Ben Johnson, Rey Q. Bayona Jr, Allan Espiritu, Msgr. Ramon R. Vera, Frankie Abao Jr, Cathy Santillan Veloso, and many more.

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