Mommy Issues Full Movie (2021)

Mommy Issues is a 2021 Filipino family comedy film written and directed by veteran filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes. The film was produced under Regal Multimedia and LargaVista Entertainment and was distributed by Regal Films. The film is set to be streamed on Netflix.

Mommy Issues Plot

Mother and daughter Ella and Katya never agree, especially now that Katya is settling with her new boyfriend. Things get more complicated between them when the mother meets the rich Hermes, and a potential love buds between them, much to Katya’s disapproval.

“Mommy Issues” revolves around Ella (Pokwang), a hardworking single mother who has devoted her life to her only daughter Katya (Sue). Her zealousness to protect her daughter leads to conflict but thanks to grandmother Fenny (Gloria Diaz), they blow over because of the quirky and fun ways she helps bridge the gap between her loved ones.

Mommy Issues Cast

Pokwang, Sue Ramirez, Gloria Diaz, Jerome Ponce, Ryan Bang Kyle Velino, Chanel Morales

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