Mina-Anud Full Movie (2019)

Mina-Anud is a 2019 Filipino comedy and crime film starring Dennis Trillo, Jerald Napoles, and Matteo Giudicelli.

Produced by Epicmedia and Regal Entertainment and directed by Kerwin Go, the movie is based on a true story about two surfers, Ding and Carlo, who must decide whether the lure of riches is provided by three tons of cocaine is worth risking family and freedom. The movie features a special appearance by Matteo Giudicelli.

Mina-Anud Movie Plot

Dennis Trillo and Jerald Napoles play Ding and Carlo, two surfers who have their lives turned upside down when three tons of cocaine land on the shores of their peaceful seaside community, forcing them to decide if the lure of richness is enough to risk their life of peace and calmness, their families and friends, and, most importantly, their freedom.

Following the stories of Ding (Dennis Trillo) and his friend Carlo (Jerald Napoles) and their individual dream, their brush with the washed-up cocaine in the neighboring fishing village of Mina-Anud turn their life upside down.

Interestingly framed, Ding and Carlo are presented as locals with very different ambitions. Ding wants to buy his own van so he can earn more to provide for his family while Carlo just wants to surf all day and become a champion surfer.

These dreams can become a reality when Carlo comes across the blocks of cocaine in Mina-Anud, whom the fishermen think is poison. Carlo takes a pack to get rid of the rat in his home and when he discovers what it really is, it sparks a scheme for Ding and Carlo to make enough money to get what they truly desire.

Mina-Anud Movie Cast

Dennis Trillo, Jerald Napoles, Matteo Giudicelli, Alvin Anson, Mara Lopez, Anthony Falcon, Marc Felix, Lou Veloso, Richard Manabat

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