May Daga Sa Labas Ng Lungga Full Movie 1984

May Daga Sa Labas Ng Lungga is a 1984 green-comedy filmĀ and a sequel to the 1984 film May Lamok Sa Loob ng Kulambo. Although the former was released earlier, it was considered to be the sequel due to the order of events.

May Daga Sa Labas Ng Lungga Plot

Lauro (Eddie Garcia) is a married man and a known womanizer. His life turned upside down when the daughter of his friend, Emma (Lyka Ugarte) came to live in his house after her father passed away. Emma, however, got impregnated by Manny (Tommy Abuel).

The movie is considered to be one of the funniest Filipino comedy films of all time and performances by Garcia, Gloria Diaz, and Ronaldo Valdez, who played gay, received critical acclaim.

May Daga Sa Labas Ng Lungga Cast

Eddie Garcia, Gloria Diaz, Ronaldo Valdez,Tommy Abuel,Janice de Belen, Lyka Ugarte, Mark Gil, Marilou Sadiwa, Noel Colet, Emil Sandoval, Rosemarie Gil, Tony Carreon, Lucita Soriano, Odette Khan, Mario Escudero, Tony Angeles, Flora Gasser, Jun Fua, Bert Asuncion, Alfredo Margallo, Bert Dizon, Poppop Villanueva, Gregory Lerma, Steve de Leon, Junjun Cambe

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