Makuha Ka Sa Tingin Full Movie (1993)

Makuha Ka Sa Tingin is a Romance-Comedy Filipino film released in 1993 and directed by Deo Fajardo Jr. and produced by VIVA Films. Robin Padilla also wrote the story and screenplay along with the director Deo Fajardo Jr. its alternative title is “Kung Puede lang” taken from the title of its theme song sung by The Father and Sons.

Makuha Ka Sa Tingin Movie Plot

Robin Padilla plays Elcid along with Tembong, played by Dennis Padilla who ventures into the city to search for greener pastures. In their search for a better life in the capital, they have encountered numerous obstacles that define their characters and some misadventures that throw them off.

They tried to survive the harsh urban life through sheer cunning adventure. They found themselves co-living in a shanty with orphans adopted by Nonong (Berting Labra)

The villain is Don Ricardo, played by Eddie Gutierrez is a rich and heartless gambling lord and is a father to Ana (Gelli de Belen) and Glenda (Marjorie Baretto). The duo met Ana and Glenda in an unusual circumstance and they hired them as their bodyguards.

They got involved deeply in the underworld matters as they are caught between sibling rivalry and the deadly criminal dispositions of Don Ricardo. Things turned out differently as they seek revenge with the help of an unlikely ally in Ana.

Makuha Ka Sa Tingin Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Dennis Padilla, Gelli de Belen, Marjorie Baretto, Eddie Gutierrez, Atong Rodillas, Kate Gomez, and Berting Labra. The movie also features some of Robin Padilla’s brothers as villains.

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