Last Night Full Movie (2017)

Last Night Movie stars Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga and is about two people who failed to commit suicide and eventually fell in love with each other.

Produced by Star Cinema, Spring Films, and N2 Productions, this Pinoy dark romance drama film is directed by Joyce Bernal and is Bella Padilla’s debut work as a screenwriter and earned 5 award nominations including Movie Actor of the Year for Piolo Pascual at the 2018 Star Awards for Movies.

Last Night Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Piolo Pascual plays Mark Jacob Peters while Toni Gonzaga as Carmina Salvador. The two first met when Mark is about to jump off the Jones Bridge in Manila to end his life and he saw Carmina calls him for help when her blouse got stuck on her way down the river to, also, commit suicide.

Concerned with Carmina, he climbed down and helped her and eventually saved her life. But afterward, they still want to continue their failed suicide attempt.

And because of that, Carmina suggested to Mark that they commit suicide together. At first, Mark did not like the idea but he later agreed because she was too persistent. The first thing they agreed upon is to get run over by MRT trains. However, an old man (Lou Veloso) fainted and they helped him.

The next attempt they thought of was to drown themselves in a swimming pool, but Carmina thinks it will not work. And after several other failed attempts, they started to get to know each other better. Will, they still continue their plans, or will they end up as lovers?

Last Night Movie Cast

Piolo Pascual, Toni Gonzaga, Joey Marquez, Lou Veloso, Margie Moran, Illac Diaz, Cholo Barretto, Patrick Sugui, Cedrick Juan, and many more.

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