Lab en Kisses Full Movie (1997)

Lab en Kisses first came out in Philippine cinemas in 1997. The movie features renowned Filipino artists: Vic Sotto and Vina Morales as the leading roles.

The film was directed by Tony Y. Reyes and produced by Octa Arts Films in collaboration with Ivory Music & Video. The movie was filmed during the prime years of Vic Sotto in the film industry.

Lab en Kisses Movie Plot

The movie portrays the story of a runaway girl (Kisses) who left her home in Cebu and traveled all the way to the big city of Manila.

This is all because of her desperation of escaping his controlling uncle that coerces her to marry a man she doesn’t love in exchange for their family’s debt being settled. Kisses together with her trusted family helper Manong Dodong, fleed Cebu and made their way to Manila and went to stay at Popoy’s, a brother-in-law of Manong Dodong.

Popoy happens to live with Lab, a guy who was once scarred by love and deep commitment, which gave him a great paranoia of being around the company of women. Because of Lab’s situation, Kisses had to improvise and pretend to be a guy to be able to stay at Popoy and Lab’s house because they had nowhere else to go in the vast city of Manila.

As days went by, Kisses was already settling and living with Lab without him knowing the truth about Kisses’ true nature. However, the day came when Lab finally found out that Kisses was actually a girl. She desperately explained her situation to Lab, which he eventually understood and accepted.

Lab and Kisses were growing closer to each other and started developing feelings when Mickey, the guy Kisses was supposed to marry, found that she is in Manila and once again pursued her, causing a massive conflict with Lab.

Lab en Kisses Movie Cast

Vic Sotto,  Vina Morales, Larry Silva, Yoyong Martirez, Rez Corted, Jaime Fabregas, Don Pepot, Richard Merck, Romy Diaz, Beth Tamayo, Janus del Prado, Agatha Tapan, Alwyn Uytinco, Vangie Labalan, Maning Bato, Danny Labra and many more.

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