La Visa Loca Full Movie (2005)

La Visa Loca is a comedy musical movie starring Robin Padilla in a very different role.

Produced by Unitel Pictures and Megastar Sharon Cuneta and directed by Mark Meily, this satirical family comedy film was graded “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) of the Film Development Council and won several awards including Gawad Urian and FAMAS Best Actor awards for Robin Padilla.

La Visa Loca Movie Plot

In this highly-appraised film, Robin plays Jess Huson, a taxi driver who desperately wanted to go to America. However, his visa application was denied due to ridiculous reasons.

His father is diabetic and spends the whole day watching TV. One day, the famous TV host Nigel Adams (Paul Holmes) came to the Philippines and hired Jess as his driver and guide. Later, he crossed paths with his ex-girlfriend Mara (Rufa Mae Quinto) and her young son Jason.

La Visa Loca Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Rufa Mae Quinto, Johnny Delgado, Paul Holmes, Tessie Tomas, Noel Trinidad, Isay Alvarez, Robert Sena, Marissa Sanchez, Dante Rivero, Evangeline Pascual, Ricky Davao, Raymart Santiago, Eddie Gutierrez, Maria Isabel Lopez, and many more.

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