Kiko En Lala Full Movie (2019)

Kiko En Lala is a 2019 Filipino comedy movie starring Kapuso’s breakout star Super Tekla. The movie is co-produced by Backyards Production and GMA Films/Pictures and directed by award-winning director Adolfo Alix Jr. whose 2016 movie Padre de Familia featured Nora Aunor and Coco Martin.

This is the TV host and comedian’s debut on the big screen for a lead role. The movie was released on September 25, 2019.

Kiko En Lala Movie Plot

Super Tekla plays the challenging titular role of Kiko and Lala— the conjoined twins with very different personalities. Kiko is the masculine and tough twin while Lala is the witty and gay twin.

Due to their condition, the twin is taken to the Kambal Karnibal: a carnival in which the twins regularly perform. Despite their differences and situation, the twin lives happily and satisfactorily.

The problem only arises when the twins fell in love with different people from which they wish to be separated. Lala hopes to be with Rap Rap (Derrik Monasterio) while Kiko wants to be with Aning (Kim Domingo).

In their attempt to be separated, they are faced with a difficult situation— only one soul could inhabit the one existing body. The twins fight over who should have the body, thus, have his or her happily ever after.

Kiko En Lala Movie Cast

Super Tekla, Ai Ai de las Alas, Derrick Monasterio, Kim Domingo, Kiray Celis, Josephine Berry, Kenneth Ocampo, Ken Chan, Rita Daniela, Jeric Gonzales, Vangie Labalan, Joaquin Manansala, Gia Navarro, and a lot more.

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