Kape’t Gatas Full Movie (1980)

Kape’t Gatas is a 1980 comedy film starring Chiquito and Julie Vega. It is directed by Ricky Santiago and produced by Larry Santiago Productions.

This film was nominated in the 6th Metro Manila Film Festival.

Kape’t Gatas Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Enteng (Chiquito) is living a simple life and he is loved by everybody. He told his neighbor that he was a lawyer but the truth is he is a janitor.

He met Linda (Julie Ann Fortich) with her daughter who is still a baby while he is being ordered to buy something for the employees. Linda is from the province and has no idea where to go so Enteng being a good man, offered his house. He even gives Linda a job as a secretary in a factory

Linda fell in love with her secretary and she left her daughter with Enteng. The girl grew up and Enteng names her Wewet (Julie Vega), a strong and smart girl who loves her father very much.

Linda on the other hand is in Canada with her husband. Enteng treated Wewet as his own and helps her in every way he can. Linda came back for her daughter but Wewet decline. Meanwhile, Linda’s husband got into trouble and Wewet was kidnapped.

Kape’t Gatas Movie Cast

Chiquito, Julie Vega, Julie Ann Fortich, Ramil Rodriguez, Ramon D’Salva, Nieves, Ricky Santiago, Ike Lozada, German Moreno, Tintoy

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