Jack And Jill Full Movie (1987)

Jack And Jill Movie stars Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Herbert Bautista as lesbian and gay siblings, story by Mars Ravelo, serialized in Tagalog Klasiks. Produced by Viva Films, this blockbuster family comedy film is directed by Leroy Salvador and is a remake of 1954 movie with the same title, starring Comedy King Dolphy and Lolita Rodriguez.

Jack And Jill Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Sharon Cuneta plays Jackielou who prefers to be called Jack and acts like a man. On the other hand, Herbert Bautista plays Hilario who prefers to be called Jill and acts like a woman and Jack’s younger brother.

They live with their father, Mang Ambo (Panchito), a family driver for the Bartolome family. Jack works as a jeepney driver for Aling Guring (Nena Perez Rubio) who likes her son Junior (Michael De Mesa) for her.

In her desperation, Jack offered herself to marry any of her suitors who can make Jill a man. This includes Baldo (Rez Cortez), who is known in their area for being a tough guy.

Later, Jack has to replace her father to drive for Angelo Bartolome (Edu Manzano), a handsome playboy and he initially thought that Jack is a man. Now, will Angelo be the man Jack who can change Jill?

Jack And Jill Movie Cast

Sharon Cuneta, Herbert Bautista, Edu Manzano, Panchito, Sylvia La Torre, Jaime Fabregas, Michael De Mesa, Rez Cortez, Babette Villaruel, Paquito Diaz, Ali Sotto, Nena Perez Rubio, Cherie Gil, Jaclyn Jose, Jobelle Salvador, Pinky Amador, Deborah Sun, Wendy Villarica, Fred Panopio, Larry Silva, Evelyn Vargas, Mia Pratts, Amy Perez, Ernie David, and many more.

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