Humanap Ka Ng Pangit Full Movie (1990)

Humanap Ka Ng Pangit is a 1990 Filipino comedy film starring an ensemble cast. The film became an instant success locally as Andrew E’s song with the same title was topping the local billboards and conquering local radio airtime.

Humanap Ka Ng Pangit Summary

Humanap Ka Ng Pangit tells a story of a happy family that was devastated by a series of unfortunate events but eventually became whole again after beating the challenges.

Andrew E, Jimmy Santos, and Kempee De Leon as brothers were living a normal life when news broke out that Big Boy (Santos), was actually the son of a rich family.

Big Boy returned home to his biological parents and was betrothed to a woman only became devastated after he found out that the woman was only after his money.

Meanwhile, Andy (Andrew E) became a popular singer. Bigboy recovered from his devastation after saving a woman. The brothers eventually reunited.

Humanap Ka Ng Pangit Cast

Jimmy Santos, Eddie Gutierrez, Carmi Martin, Nanette Medved, Gelli de Belen, Kate Gomez, Keempee de Leon, Dennis Padilla, Andrew E., Zorayda Sanchez, Dencio Padilla, Ruby Rodriguez, Jinky Oda, Yoyoy Villame, Dexter Doria, Odette Khan, Jon Achaval, Ben Johnson, Paeng Giant, Wilson Go

Humanap Ka Ng Pangit Movie Full Movie

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