Gangster Lolo Full Movie 2014

Gangster Lolo is a 2014 Philippine comedy film written and directed by William Mayo. The film was produced and distributed by Cosmic Raven Ventures Productions.

Gangster Lolo stars Leo Martinez, Boy Alano, Soxie Topacio, Pen Medina, Bembol Roco, and Rez Cortez in the leading roles.

Gangster Lolo Plot

Five Aging ex-cons are trying to go straight after being released from prison. But unable to find work, they pin their hopes on a treasure map left to them by an inmate.

Gangster Lolo Cast

Leo Martinez, Bembol Roco, Rez Cortez, Soxy Topacio, Pen Medina, Hero Bautista,
Dinky Doo Jr., Isabel Granada, Janice Jurado

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