Filemon Mamon Full Movie (2015)

Filemon Mamon is a 2015 Philippine comedy film directed by Will Fredo and written by Christine Bellen and Jethro Tenorio. It stars Jerome Ignacio, Joshua Colet and Rayver Cruz in the elading roles.

The movie was produced and distributed by MegaVision.

Filemon Mamon Plot

Filemon Mamon is a high school student who desires two things: to win the heart of the girl he loves and to be the lead in a musical play about his Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio. But he has a big problem-his weight.

His out-of-work father and his OFC mother leave him to adhere to the guidance of his grandmother who loves to cook and remind him that “to be fat is to be healthy, and to be healthy is to be fat.”

Filemon Mamon Cast

Jerome Ignacio, Joshua Colet, Rayver Cruz, Nanette Inventor, Teresa Jamias, Trina Legaspi, Brian Llamanzares, Guji Lorenzana, John Manalo, Smokey Manaloto, Miles Ocampo, Sue Prado, Jojo Riguerra, Giselle Sanchez, Geraldine Tan

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