Dino Dinero Full Movie (1990)

Dino Dinero is a 1990 Filipino adventure comedy movie with Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon in the lead role with romantic partners Gretchen Barretto as Helen and Carmi Martin as Charlotte.

Dolphy is the King of Philippine comedy and always adds singing, dancing, and different types of humor and comedy in his films. Produced by Seiko Films and directed by Director: Mike Relon Makiling.

Dino Dinero Movie Plot

Dolphy plays Dino – a poor ice-cream dealer. Dino lives with his three adopted children. Jimmy Fabrigas plays Bambi – a shrewd businessman who wants to steal Dino’s ice cream recipe.

Dino is framed by Bambi, goes to prison and then Bambi bails Dino out on the condition that Dino becomes Bambi’s house servant. Bambi attempts to replicate Dino’s ice cream recipe but fails. Disappointed, Bambi sends Dino back to sell ice cream on the streets again to earn money to repay Bambi’s expenses for bailing out Dino.

So Dino goes back doing what he loves – selling ice cream on the street.

Meanwhile, Dino’s stepmother finally finds Dino through her attorney’s office and informs Dino that his father left him with a huge sum of money. Surprisingly, the now-millionaire Dino saves Bambi’s house from foreclosure on the condition that Dino will live in Bambi’s big house with Bambi as Dino’s servant.
Finally, Dino marries Helen and they live a prosperous life.

Dino Dinero Movie Cast

Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon, Gretchen Barretto, Romnick Sarmenta, Carmi Martin, Janet Arnaiz, Billy Crawford, Dencio Padilla, Jimmy Fabrigas, and many more.

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