Daddy’s Little Darlings Full Movie (1984)

The dramatic Filipino movie “Daddy’s Little Darlings” was released in 1984 giving its audience a heart-moving story of a father’s boundless love for his daughters.

Lead starring Dolphy Quizon portraying the strife and balance of single parenthood. This movie was produced by Regal Films and directed by Luciano B. Carlos. The theme song was composed by George Canseco and sung by Rey “PJ” Abellana who is also the film’s supporting cast.

Daddy’s Little Darlings Movie Plot

Rogelio “Roger” de Leon (Dolphy Quizon) was at the prime of his career in the big city handling 2 businesses; president of a real estate financial corporation, and manager of a funeral home. His acquired wealth covers the high and lavish lifestyles of his daughters: Rosemary (Snooky Serna), Boots (Janice de Belen), and Chiqui (Julie Vega). The ladies had their cars, horses, beach parties, bar, and social dances. Life was good!

But their security gets shaken when Honey Margaret (Maricel Soriano) finds Roger and gets close to him. Then things turn for the worse when Roger’s business affairs fall into debt betrayed by his colleagues Mr. Shanana (Panchito) and Mr. Sy Kwat (Conde Ubaldo), and he decides to include Honey in his future plans.

Furious by this change, his daughters rebel. This pressures Roger to do everything to unite them all together again.

Daddy’s Little Darlings Movie Cast

Dolphy Quizon,  Snooky Serna, Janice de Belen, Julie Vega, Coney Reyes Mumar, Panchito,  William Martinez, Albert Martinez,  Edgar Mande, Rey “PJ” Abellana, and many more!

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