D’ Uragons Full Movie (2002)

D’ Uragons Movie is a 2002 Filipino action-comedy film starring Eddie Garcia and rapper Andrew E in titular roles. Produced by Viva Films and directed by Ben Feleo, this is the first and only collaboration between Garcia and Andre.

D’ Uragons Summary

Sherlock is a private detective who works for a family in the jewelry import business. Sherlock helps Orot, a street-smart fellow caught in a dilemma.

Because of Orot, some jewelry is stolen and Orot vows to repay Sherlock for his kindness by helping him intercept the robbers. The two soon discover the syndicate behind the robbery and track them down, falling in love with two women in the process.

D’ Uragons Cast

Eddie Garcia, Andrew E., Angelu De Leon, Patricia Javier, Joko Diaz, Mystica, Eddie Arenas, Dagul, Whitney Tyson, Joji Dela Paz, Shannah Quiritiquit, Diwata,
Razzamanazz, Boy Roque, Gene Padilla,

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