Buhay Artista Ngayon Movie (1979)

Buhay Artista Ngayon Movie stars Comedy King Dolphy and Stars for All Seasons Vilma Santos.

Produced by RVQ Productions and Lion Dragon Films and directed by Frank Gray Jr, this Dolphy-Vilma film is a mixture of comedy and drama, showcasing the lives and hardships of actors and actresses in Philippines movies.

Buhay Artista Ngayon Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Dolphy plays Tasyo and Vilma as Betty and both of them are stage actors. One day, Tasyo was tasked to be the leading man to a stage play but Betty will not be his leading lady.

Tasyo put laxatives at the drinks of the leading lady, but the director (Panchito) accidentally drank it, too. As a result, Betty became Tasyo’s leading lady but the supposed drama play turned into a comedy.

Nevertheless, a film producer who watched the play liked Betty’s performance and offered her to appear in his upcoming movie.

Betty was so happy and excited, not only because of the opportunity to become famous but also she now has a chance to meet her favorite movie actor Roland Cortez (Freddie Quizon). Betty became famous and Tasyo supported her all the way. However, Betty learned that entering show business is not as glamorous as what people think.

Buhay Artista Ngayon Movie Cast

Dolphy, Vilma Santos, Freddie Quizon, Panchito, Babalu, Eddie San Jose, Cachupoy, Bayani Casimiro, Marie Grace Santos, Chinggoy Alonzo, Baby Claire, Charmie Benavidez, Metring David, Georgie Quizon, Max Vera, Tatlong Itlog, Moody Diaz, Balot, Joaquin Fajardo, Odette Khan, Cloyd Robinson, Miniong Alvarez, German Moreno, Eliza Noble, Ike Lozada, Florante, Joe Quirino, Amay Bisaya, Jaime Ladiana, Ben Manalo, Nonong de Andres, Boy Pineda, Rudy Soriano, Boy De Castro, Jeorge Jacole, Danny Katindig, Pons De Guzman, and many more.

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