Barkada Walang Atrasan Full Movie (1995)

Barkada Walang Atrasan is a 1995 Filipino action-comedy-drama film with an ensemble cast. This is a good movie that shows how a group of friends look out for each other thru thick and thin.

And that nothing can break a bond between friends even by the biggest problem that they face. And when one is in trouble everyone will be as one and help the one in need.

Barkada Walang Atrasan Summary

Six friends who are studying at the same school always have rocky lives as they battle family problems, bullying, and other anti-social behaviors. Their friendship was tested when Alvin’s father got ill. He needed a big amount of money for his father’s hospitalization. Meanwhile, Guiller lost P50,000 and suspected Alvin of stealing it.

Barkada Walang Atrasan Cast

Jeric Raval, Zoren Legaspi, Keempee de Leon, Ogie Alcasid, Jan Rivera, Hero Bautista, Paulie Yllana, Sunshine Cruz, Jennifer Mendoza, Jeanette Fernando, Lailani Navarro, Alicia Alonzo, Jean Saburit, Romeo Rivera, Cita Astals

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