Bagyong Bheverlynn Full Movie (2018)

Bagyong Bheverlynn is a 2018 Philippine comedy-fantasy film written by Jericho Aguado and directed by Charliebebs Gohetia. The film stars Rufa Mae Quinto, Edgar Allan Guzman, and Mailes Kanapi in the leading roles. It was produced by Cinematografica and distributed by Cinema One Originals.

Bagyong Bheverlynn Movie Plot

An aging spy, his delusional wife, and his promiscuous son are driven into madness as they confront the terrors caused by the monster known as The Shadow.

Bagyong Bheverlynn Movie Cast

Rufa Mae Quinto, Edgar Allan Guzman, Mailes Kanapi, Barbie Capacio, Jude Matthew Servilla, Juan Miguel Severo

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