Ataul For Rent Full Movie (2007)

Ataul For Rent Movie stars Joel Torre, Jaclyn Jose, and Ronnie Lazaro and is an exaggerated humor narrative about the daily lives of many Filipinos living in slum areas around the country.

Produced by ArtisteEntertainment Works International and written and directed by Neal ‘Buboy’ Tan, this Pinoy indie satire film won 5 major awards from various award-giving bodies. graded “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

Ataul For Rent movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Joel Torre plays Guido Alejo and Jaclyn Jose as Pining as the couple that owns a funeral parlor that offers caskets for rent instead of clients buying them.

They live in Kalyehong Walang Lagusan, a congested alleyway where residents are so poor that they cannot afford caskets for their loved ones who passed away. But although Guido seems to be helpful to his neighbors, he is greedy and also acts as the embalmer.

And aside from the make-up artist for the dead, Pining s also the neighborhood’s official jueteng collector. Other notable characters include Batul (Ronnie Lazaro), the taong grasa who narrates the story, drinking buddies Boy Kagaw (Nonie Buencamino), Tata Islaw (Pen Medina), Moises (Jet Alcantara), a professional thief; Danny (Coco Martin) a callboy and snatcher, and his gambler mother Aling Carmen (Irma Adlawan).

Below is the complete list of awards won by Ataul For Rent movie:

2008 FAMAS Awards

* Best Supporting Actress – Irma Adlawan
* Best Screenplay – Anthony Gedang and Neal ‘Buboy’ Tan
* Best Story – Anthony Gedang and Neal ‘Buboy’ Tan

2008 FAP Awards

* Best Cinematography – Atoy de Vera

2008 Star Awards for Movies

* Movie Production Designer of the Year – Willy Urbino

Ataul For Rent Movie Cast

Joel Torre, Jaclyn Jose, Ronnie Lazaro, Pen Medina, Irma Adlawan, Nonie Buencamino, Coco Martin, Irish Contreras, Tita Swarding, Ramon Zamora, Aleera Montalla, Denver Olivarez, Che Ramos, Jimmy Concepcion, Ina Alegre, Susan Corpuz, Jack Gamboa, Albert Sumaya Jr, Pipoy Jr, Alex Montenegro, Gloria Villones, Victor Calalang, Gigie Jurilla, Liwayway Padilla, and many more.

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