Ang Sikreto Ng Piso Full Movie (2018)

The movie Ang Sikreto Ng Piso is a 2019 family-oriented comedy movie by MPJ Entertainment Productions and JPP Dreamworld Productions. It is directed and written by the one and only, Perry Escano in collaboration with one of the Filipino writers, Robert “Abet” Yaz.

This movie is starred the real-life couple, Gelli de Belen and Ariel Rivera which are known to be reunited on the big screen after 22 years since the movie Ikaw Pala Ang Mahal Ko.

Ang Sikreto Ng Piso Movie Plot

This movie is about the love for family and the sacrifices that a father or a padre de familia should do for the sake of his family’s good future. Aside from this, this movie explains what was behind the Philippine peso in relation to the real-life issue of Philippine peso smuggling around the year 2006.

The story starts when Ronnie (Ariel Rivera) has decided to do a very odd job that will give him a lot of money. He needs to collect as many one-peso coins as he could.

With all the doubts he had, he is forced to accept this job so he can get paid with a huge amount of money and can finally save up for the future of his wife (Gelli de Belen) and only daughter (Angelica Ulip).

It is only a matter of time when he finally found out that these coins are being smuggled abroad for their raw materials. Indeed, this movie will make the audience realize the value of hope and love for family, friends, and people that support us. As long as these things are within us, we can be successful and better in life.

Ang Sikreto Ng Piso Movie Cast

Aside from the Riveras, other cast members are Bea Binene, Long Mejia, Lou Veloso Ernie Garcia, Wacky Viray, Beverly Salviejo, Raphael Robes, Garry Lim, Gabby Go Balauag, Joyce Penas, Nico Nicolas, Gomz Burza, Micah Musa, Kim Ilono, Ambelicious, and Abel Napuran.

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