Ang Leon at Ang Tigre Full Movie (1991)

Ang Leon at Ang Tigre Movie stars Diamond Star Maricel Soriano and Rene Requiestas.

Produced by Regal Films and directed by Tony Cruz, this blockbuster Maricel-Rene romance comedy film is about two individuals who had the same dream of being a cop but only one of them ended up being one and the other as a jeepney driver.

Ang Leon at Ang Tigre Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Alice (Maricel Soriano) and Leon Manzano (Rene Requiestas) are college classmates taking up a Criminology course.

Both of them belong to poor families, but are willing to be cops in the future and are secretly in love with each other. However, Alice wants to be rich while Leon only wants to be an honest policeman. But because of poverty, only Leon became a cop and Alice became a jeepney driver.

But despite having different professions, Alice and Leon continued to be close friends. Leon maintained his dreams of being a dedicated policeman and was not involved in corruption.

In fact, Leon did not forgive Alice when she committed a traffic violation. And although Alice got mad at him, she eventually helps Leon in solving a syndicate, and in other crazy situations.

Ang Leon at Ang Tigre Movie Cast

Maricel Soriano, Rene Requiestas, Cheska Diaz, Paquito Diaz, Ruben Rustia, Dencio Padilla, Vangie Labalan, Evelyn Vargas, Minnie Aguilar, Cris Daluz, Ernie David, Nonong de Andres, Turko Cervantes, Ben Sanchez, Perry de Guzman, Pong Pong, Joji Isla, Panyang, Feling Cudia, Lady Lee, Bert Cayanan, Nanding Fernandez, Eddie Samonte, Pat Salvador, Rolly Lapid, Teng Salonga, Rolan Montes, Gary Serna, Steve Alcantara, Ding Salvador, Joe Jardi, Jaime Cuales, Alex Flores, Annie Manansala, Boyet Mercado Boyet Mercado, Becca Mercado, Ben Tisoy, and many more.

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