Abrakadabra Full Movie (1994)

Abrakadabra, directed by the renowned multifaceted persona in the Filipino film industry, Jett C. Espiritu, is a fantasy/comedy movie released in the year 1994, which takes the viewers on a visual and sonic roller coaster through the story of a freed “genie”.

“Facifica Falayfay” fame Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. OGH, better known by his stage name, Dolphy, plays the lead role, while Miguel Rodriguez and Plinki Recto also play a crucial supporting role in the movie.

Abrakadabra Plot

Aladding works at an antique shop that accidentally drops an ancient jar which frees two of the trapped genies upon breaking. The jar, however, was bought by Mr.Montero, the owner of the shop, claiming it to be hundred-year-old antiquity.

The freed genies would go on to erupt chaos and towards the end of this movie, Aladding is being blamed for his unfortunate mistake. In an attempt to right his wrongdoing, Aladding along with his trustful sidekicks, Baste and Jojit, try to suppress the issue by attempting to trap the genies back. The freed genies, however, would storm the entire shop-breaking stuff.

Will Aladding trap the genie back in the jar? Why do the genies erupt in chaos at the antique shop, do they have a backstory? More of such questions are answered towards the end of this 2-hour 3-minute movie. The director ensures that the movie would end in a big surprise for all the viewers!

Abrakadabra Cast

Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. OGH (Dolphy), Miguel Rodriquez, Plinky Recto, Jimmy Santos, Ana Roces, Willie Revillame, Carlos Padilla Jr, Dencio Padilla, Ruby Rodriquez, Atoy Co, Jeanette Fernando, Freddie Quizon.

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