69+1 Full Movie (2021)

69+1 is a Philippine comedy-drama film written and directed by Darryl Yap and stars Janno Gibbs, Maui Taylor, and Rose van Ginkel. The film was produced under Viva Films and VinCentiments and was distributed by Vivamax.

69+1 Movie Plot

69+1 is about lesbian couple Ivy (Maui Taylor) and Patricia (Rose Van Ginkel) who are on their way to their 7th anniversary. To manage the so-called 7-year-itch, they agreed to allow a man into their relationship for a throuple—three for a couple, just for a year, thinking they just missed the physical aspects of a man.

Then they meet Apol (Janno Gibbs), a photographer who although checks the qualifications that they want for a man, is someone whom they thought they could not be in love or attached with. Together, they will discover if a polyamorous relationship will actually work for them or not.

69+1 Movie Cast

Maui Taylor, Rose Van Ginkel, and Janno Gibbs

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