Sakim Sa Pag-ibig Full Movie (2001)

Sakim Sa Pag-ibig is a 2001 Philippine romantic-drama and bold film directed by San Buenaventura and written by Cesar S.B. Abella. It stars Alma Soriano, K.C. Castillo, and Francis Enriquez in the leading roles, and produced by El Niño Films.

Sakim Sa Pag-ibig Plot

Hilda has long been suffering because of Dolfo, her lazy and irresponsible husband.

Needless to say, her family does not like him.

One day, an old man who held a grudge against Hilda’s father and to whom Dolfo was greatly indebted, asked him to murder his father-in-law. This act led to abuse directed at Hilda’s sister this time.

Sakim Sa Pag-ibig Cast

Alma Soriano, K.C. Castillo, Francis Enriquez, Jeffrey Gonzales, Marinella Moran, Tony Mabesa, Nonong De Andres, Danny Riel

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