Room 69 Full Movie (1985)

Room 69 is a 1985 Filipino classic bold drama movie written and directed by Artemio Marquez. It stars Irma Alegre, Sarsi Emmanuelle, and Pepsi Paloma. The movie was produced and distributed by Victory Films.

This is also the final film of Pepsi Paloma before her death.

Room 69 Movie Plot

This classic bold movie showcases 2 groups of call girls, one is led by Pepsi Paloma and the other group is led by Sarsi Emmanuelle. Which group will prevail?

Room 69 Movie Cast

Irma Alegre, Sarsi Emmanuelle, Pepsi Paloma, Emily Loren, Myra Manibog, Glenda Araneta, Lito Gruet, Raul Calma

Room 69 Full Movie

We don’t have a copy of this film but you can watch a similar bold movie by Sarsi Emmanuelle below titled “Boatman”.

Click “Watch on YouTube” inside the box below to watch the full version on YouTube.

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