Maharot Full Movie (2005)

Maharot is a 2005 Philippine bold drama film written and directed by Cesar S.B. Abella. It stars Kuhdet Honasan, Jon Romano, and Clark Concepcion among others. It was produced and released by El Niño Films.

Maharot Movie Plot

Maharot, a teasing love story of a naughty girl named Cecil (Kuhdet Honasan). The story heightened when Venel (Clark Concepcion), the soldier lover of Cecil, was assigned to Mindanao for a military mission.

Days passed by, with the absence of his girlfriend’s caring heart, he seeks sexual passion and attention with another lass, leaving Cecil with a broken heart and unfulfilled promises.

Because of shattered vows, Cecil seeks affection in the persona of Venel’s younger brother, James (Jon Romano), and had a forbidden relationship with a policeman in their town.

After a couple of years Venel returned to his hometown wanting to resolve all the troubles he left, he found Cecil’s discreet and unfaithful relationships with different men leading him to a discovery of pleasure.

Maharot Movie Cast

Kuhdet Honasan, Jon Romano, and Clark Concepcion

Watch Maharot Full Movie

We don’t have a copy of this film but you can watch a similar bold movie below titled “Dalawang Pisngi Ng Langit ”.

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