Hayup Sa Sex Appeal Full Movie (2001)

Hayup Sa Sex Appeal is a 2001 Filipino bold drama film written and directed by Roland Ledesma. It Stars Via Veloso, Tonton Gutierrez, and Alberto De Esteban and one of Velosos’s iconic movbies.

The film stars

The film was produced and distributed by MMG Entertainment International

Hayup Sa Sex Appeal Plot

Diosa was an attractive young lady who came the town’s most prominent family. Because of her stature, her family was wary about her safety. Diosa was given Guillier and Morgan two new assassins as bodyguards.

Hayup Sa Sex Appeal Cast

Via Veloso, Tonton Gutierrez, Alberto De Esteban, Allen Dizon, Erly Boy Ledesma, Aira Luna, Jhey Rosal, Jean Saburit, Bob Soler

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