You and Me Against the World Full Movie (2003)

You and Me Against the World is a Filipino action movie with a hint of romance and drama. It is written and directed by Jose N. Carreon, a veteran in the Filipino film industry, and released by FTL Films International in 2003.

You and Me Against the World Movie Plot

Robin Padilla plays Paolo Guerrero, a surly and self-assured bad boy, who used to be the right-hand man of the boss of an illicit organization.

Kris Aquino plays Dr. Diana Rivero, a devoted sister and aunt, who is soft-spoken and kind. Their worlds collide when Paolo witnesses his deceased boss’ son, Arnold Torevilla, getting revenge on the family of his father’s enemy and killing Diana’s sister and nephew.

Paolo becomes blind from a botched attempt to cut his ties from Arnold’s group but gets his sight back thanks to Diana’s expertise. Diana convinces Paolo to work with the police for the capture of Arnold and his henchmen.

Paolo, being completely taken by Diana at first glance, finally agrees to help bring justice to the killing of Diana’s family and goes into police custody. Arnold and his men manage to escape from the police and go after Paolo, Diana, and her niece, Kristine.

Complications arise as different people tell different versions of the police operation against Arnold and his goons. Meanwhile, both Diana and Kristine have developed feelings for Paolo.

You and Me Against the World Movie Cast

Robin Padilla, Kris Aquino, Elizabeth Burton, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Gary Estrada, Ricky Davao, Ricardo Cepeda, Rommel Padilla, Patrick Guzman, Bearwin Meily, Jackie Aquino, Maritoni Fernandez, Lexi Fernandez, MJ Maranan, Ramil Rodriguez, Ernie Forte, Solita Carreon, Ryan Quilala, Kim Flaminiano, June Hidalgo, July Hidalgo, Boy Roque, Rey Bejar, Alex Cunanan, Alex Bolado, Bong Russo, and many more.

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