Watch Me Kill Full Movie (2019)

Watch Me Kill is a 2019 Filipino psychological thriller film written and directed by T.A. Ancierto, and produced by CineBandits Entertainment.

It stars award-winning actress Jean Garcia and veteran actor Jay Manalo. Shot using the classic 16mm film camera, it won Best Director, Best Editing, and Best Cinematography honors at the Pista ng Pelikula ng Pilipino, and was nominated for Best Film. It is also Garcia’s first time taking on the lead role in an action film.

Watch Me Kill Movie Plot

In the film, Garcia plays the role of Luciana, a contract killer who spares no one in her path, whether it’s her own targets or the witnesses around. This approach to her job gained her notoriety and popularity within the underworld.

It also caught the attention of organized crime kingpin Franco (Manalo), who orders her to kill a hermit (Rodolfo Muyela) who found a piece of a diamond while gold panning in a river.

While on the job, Luciana crossed paths with a young girl named Lourdes (Junyka Santarin), who was hiding inside the hermit’s vehicle at the time. Luciana shoots her in the leg, but instead of leaving her for dead, she chose to hold the child hostage.

As the two spend more time together, Luciana began to develop a close personal relationship with her captive and renamed her Aurora. Her maternal instincts start to take over, as her life story unravels through a series of flashbacks.

Luciana began to find a renewed sense of purpose through Aurora. At the same time, Franco finds out that the diamond Luciana gave him was a fake. The tables are turned, and Luciana, the long-time predator, becomes the prey.

Watch Me Kill Movie Cast

Jean Garcia, Jay Manalo, Junyka Santarin, Rodolfo Muyela, Althea Vega, Bodgie Pascua, Francis Mata, Lehner Mendoza, Erlinda Villalobos, Jess Avardone, and many more.

Watch Watch Me Kill Movie Full Trailer and Selected Scenes

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