Walang Awa Kung Pumatay Full Movie (1990)

Walang Awa Kung Pumatay is a 1990 Filipino action film starting Robin Padilla, Rita Avila, Zandro Zamora, Val Iglesias, and Conrad Poe and released by Omega Releasing Organization. It was written by Enrique Mariano and directed by Jun Cabreira. The film was distributed by Viva Films and Viva Video.

Walang Awa Kung Pumatay Plot

Narding is the son of a policeman who was killed when he was a boy. As he grows up, Narding gets into a gang and gets involved with situations, and is forced to do unsavory things. He gets involved with the daughter of his boss who is later murdered. Narding is wrongly accused of murder.

Walang Awa Kung Pumatay Cast

Robin Padilla, Rita Avila, Conrad Poe, Dick Israel, Zandro Zamora,
Val Iglesias, Bomber Moran, Dexter Doria, Claudine Gomez, Jenny Ariola, Eddie del Mar, Danny Riel, Romy Romulo, Eddie Nicart, Johnny Ramirez

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