Umpisahan Mo Tatapusin Ko Movie Full Movie (1983)

Umpisahan Mo Tatapusin Ko is a drama-action movie starring Fernando Poe Jr as an honest provincial cop whose life was ruined by corrupt officials and syndicate.

Produced by FPJ Productions and directed by FPJ himself (as Ronwaldo Reyes), this classic FPJ movie was nominated Best Picture, Best Child Actor (Ryan Soler), Best Director (FPJ) at the 1984 FAMAS Awards, with FPJ winning the Best Actor award.

Umpisahan Mo Tatapusin Ko Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, FPJ plays Sgt. Delfin Prado while Baby Delgado plays Molina (his fiancée). The problem started when Delfin captured an inmate Martin who escaped from prison.

The criminal then promised vengeance to him. On his wedding day, Molina was kidnapped and her family was murdered inside their home. Delfin decided to go to Manila, hoping to find evidence linking to the crime.

In Manila, Delfin met a bar girl (Janice Jurado) and Tuknoy (Ryan Soler), a kid close to the police department he was assigned to. He then had a hint that Molina has been drugged and brought into white slavery. Later, Martin was able to escape after attending a court hearing. Through a corrupt cop, the syndicate tried to kill Delfin but the latter was smooth. Now, it’s time for Delfin to haunt them down.

Umpisahan Mo Tatapusin Ko Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Baby Delgado, Janice Jurado, Fred Montilla, Ryan Soler, Paquito Diaz, Paquito Diaz, Amay Bisaya, Lito Anzures, Rodolfo ‘Boy’ Garcia, Victor Bravo, Vic Varrion, Robert Rivera, Rene Hawkins, Belo Borja and many more.

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