Tumbasan Mo Ng Buhay Full Movie (1993)

Tumbasan Mo Ng Buhay is an action drama film starring Rudy Fernandez as Lt. Vic Medrano, a tough cop whose wife died while giving birth to their son.

Produced by Reflection Films and directed by Jose N. Carreon, this Rudy Fernandez movie also features Nanette Medved as Nina, a member of a huge syndicate.

At the start of the movie, Vic was withdrawing money from a bank when a group of robbers arrived and he managed to kill all of them. But shortly, his wife died while giving birth to their first child, so he has to raise it alone while performing his duty as an honest policeman.

His son has a friend, whose father is a rich businessman.

Later, Vic’s son was kidnapped and he suspected that the syndicate has mistaken him for his rich friend. Vic found the kidnappers and tried to rescue his son, but he was captured. Instead of killing him, he was instructed to kidnap the original kid in exchange for his son’s life. In the process, he needs to work with Nina.

Tumbasan Mo Ng Buhay Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Nanette Medved, Ronaldo Valdez, Roi Vinzon, Amado Cortez, Eula Valdez, Jeanette Fernando, Andy Poe, Jaime Fabregas, King Gutierrez, Zandro Zamora, John Michael Belmonte, CJ Ramos, Joey Padilla, Renato Del Prado, Boy Roque, Dexter Doria, and many more.

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