Tony Bagyo Full Movie (1994)

Tony Bagyo: Daig Pa Ang Asong Ulol is a 1994 Filipino action film based on the true-to-life story of  Antonio B. Antido a.k.a Tony Bagyo, played by John Regala.

This movie was produced by Seiko Films and directed by Dante Javier.

Tony Bagyo Movie Plot

Tony Bagyo (John Regala) fell in love with Emy (Sharmaine Arnaiz) when she went back to the Philippines. Tony bought a house for Emy because they are planning to be together. But Bogart (Michael De Mesa) is a rich and spoiled brat man who is obsessed with Emy.

He doesn’t want any man to get involved with Emy. If He can’t be with Emy it is better to see her dead than to be with another man. When Bogart ( Michael De Mesa) finds out that Emy is with Tony. He forced Emy and his friends to beat up Tony. Bogart is influenced by alcohol and drugs. He brutally molested and killed Emy in front of Tony.

After a long time, Tony fell in love again with Maribel (Rita Avila) but their destiny led them again to the hands of Bogart. Maribel has also been molested and tortured. Tony saved Maribel and got Bogart to be in prison but Maribel got in a mental hospital because of her traumatic experience at the hands of Bogart.

His loneliness and madness turn out to be wild dogs and this transforms Tony into a vengeful Punisher. Tony got in jail because of three murder cases. And in jail where Tony was detained, that is also the jail where Bogart was in prison. The turmoil began between the two. Bogart planned to kill Tony but it never succeeded. Will Tony get justice for the two women he loves so dearly? Who is gonna win?

Tony Bagyo Movie Cast

John Regala, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Rita Avila, Dick Israel, Marita Zobel,

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